14 Jan 2017
PERFoRM Technical Support and Special Session Organizer at IEEE INDIN 2017
PERFoRM is acting as a Technical Support for the IEEE IES Conference on Industrial Informatics 2017, which is held in Emden, Germany. It will contribute to the conference with a Special Session dedicated to PERFoRM relevant topics and will demonstrate results at the exhibition. For more information see: http://indin2017.i2ar.de/
14 Oct 2016
Presentation of PERFoRM results at IEEE IECON'16 in Florence
The 42nd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON'16) is one of the biggest conferences in the areas of ndustrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence. This year's iteration will be held in Florence, Italy and within a Special Session on "Engineering system-of-systems towards flexible and reconfigurable industrial production environment" many interesting results of PERFoRM will be presented, targeting PERFoRM's early results, such as the requirements definition for Cyber-Physical Systems, the architectural design and first approaches for the standard interface and Middleware design.
14 Jun 2016
PERFoRM at the Industrial Technologies 2016 in Amsterdam
PERFoRM will be represented at the "Industrial Technologies" conference in Amsterdam, which is being held between 22-06-2016 and 24-06-2016. The "Industrial Technologies" is a large networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitalisation in Europe.
28 Feb 2016
PERFoRM Website launched!
Today we launched the official Homepage of the PERFoRM project. Here you will find news about upcoming events and information about the project's results in the future.